Flu Shot

The push for you, your children and elderly relatives getting a flu shot is in full swing, and if someone hasn’t tried to strong-arm you into getting a shot yet- don’t worry. They will.

Before you cave to the pressure, let me give you five great reasons to NOT get that flu shot.


1. They don’t work.

The Center for Disease Control and Analysis (CDC) has posted their own analysis of the flu vaccine effectiveness, but are you aware that even the CDC says the vaccines have been less than 59% effective more than half the time. The US government admitted that most of the time they’re, at best, 50-60 percent effective at stopping influenza requiring medical care.

The 2014/2015 vaccine was a total dud- it was only 19 percent effective. If you were between the ages of 2-8 it was only 15 percent effective.

2. Flu shots can be more dangerous than the flu.

When you inject foreign protein molecules directly into your bloodstream you can trigger an allergic reaction. Those proteins need to be broken down, the way they would be through natural digestion processes.

Some vaccines include DNA/RNA from other animal tissue. There are still millions of differences in the DNA of humans and their nearest “relative,” so mixing things up at the subatomic level is a recipe for disaster.

They are injecting a lab altered virus into your body! Think about that. Read it again and think about it some more.

3. There are toxic ingredients- and not just Mercury!

Have you ever read the warnings or the ingredient list for the flu vaccine? Let me make it easy for you. Here’s a link to the CDC’s own page with the ingredients.


So when you get a vaccine…

o They’re potentially injecting aluminum right into your blood. Aluminum doesn’t belong in your body.
o They’re injecting egg protein right into your blood (I hope you’re not allergic!).
o You’re reading it right; they’re injecting formaldehyde right into your blood.
o They’re potentially including monosodium glutamate (MSG) in your vaccine.  Really?  Really.
o Thimerosal (which is a mercury preservative), and aluminum adjuvants can attack your immune system as well. Since they’re neurotoxic they can also slow down your brain functions. They’re injecting thimerosal right into your blood. If your doctor is honest they might tell you that it “contains trace amounts of mercury… “ Have you ever seen what happens when a kid steals some of this from a school and spills it on the sidewalk? It’s like a scene from a crazy science fiction movie the way guys in hazmat suits lock up the area.

4. Flu shots cause immunosuppression.

Along with the other list of nasty ingredients the flu shot also introduces the virus itself into your body. That’s why after children get the shot they tend to develop runny noses, ear infections and a nasty cough. Flu viruses sensitize your body against the virus – it does not immunize it. Now imagine that a live flu virus is injected into somebody with a suppressed immune system.

The shot doesn’t work.

5. Vitamin C outperforms vaccines.

We’ve known since the 1950s, since the clinical studies of Dr. Frederick Klenner, that intravenous Vitamin C has a powerful healing effect. He used it successfully to treat polio, shingles, measles, mumps, chickenpox, and yes, even the flu.

You can see that it has benefits way beyond beating the flu virus. The side effects are healing and feeling good.

You’re probably surrounded by people who tell you that you must get the flu shot, but if your gut tells you not to – there are good reasons for that.

Pay attention to your gut.

So what if you’ve already received a flu shot?  We can help!  There are ways to detox your body, and support your immune system to help negate the negative affects of the injection.  Find a Wellness Way clinic near you and make an appointment today.

Did you Know the Flu Vaccine is Predicted to be only 20% Effective? We have 6 Better Options!



35 responses to “5 Research Based Reasons To Avoid The Flu Shot!”

  1. Edith Aint says:

    Thank you for this article! I don’t believe in ANY mandatory, or otherwise coercive, medical treatment, including vaccination. So I’m half-tempted to break every electronic device in the house, all to avoid the usual “flu season” scare tactics. Thanks for giving me a reason NOT to break the computer!

  2. Ak says:

    My wife and toddler received flu shots and a month later wife was admitted in the hospital for the flu. And toddler got sick many times, having to visit the doctor several times. I stopped getting flu shots 2 years ago after I ( and my wife) developed an uncontrollable hacking cough. Cough is getting slightly less every year so I assume a vaccination stays in the body for a few years.

  3. Summer says:

    Hi I’m so torn on if I should give it to my 4 year old! We are going on a cruise in a few weeks and I know a lot of people get sick on cruises. He’s getting his adenoids removed also tomorrow

  4. jamie says:

    Hi, I have a 2 year old buy who had bronchilitas (excuse the spelling) when he was 6 mths and he would in the old days have been termed as a ‘sickly boy’ always sniffles and coughs only drying up this summer (a good sign i think) so I am thinking of saying no to the jab but wondered if anyone had any specific experiences with similar children?

    Many Thanks in advance from an ever denyingly anxious parent….

  5. Delynn James says:

    The last three years that I have gotten a flu shot, I get sick. The very next day! I believe that they are very dangerous. I will never get one again! Thank you for your article!!

  6. Mary Flaherty says:

    It took me a whole year to be able to get myself dressed with the arm the flu
    Shot was injected into. Now, I am afraid to get one. My MD said I should as I am older.
    What should I do? Being I got Bronchitis last year my MD said to get one at her office.

    • The Wellness Way says:

      That doesn’t sound like a good experience Mary. Only you have the power to make this decision. We will keep trying to bring the questions and information to help our audience make their health decisions. Dr. Jason and Dr. Greg will be answering your question on their Facebook Live Show today. If you have other questions you can ask them today at 1:30 pm CST! Here is a link to the page that will air the show: https://www.facebook.com/TheWellnessWayGB/

  7. H Vandestadt says:

    Great article. Always felt flu shots are for the birds and not for humans.

  8. Denise Chestnut says:

    I wish I had never gotten one. I received one Nov 17th 2016. Exactly 2 weeks later. I had my first episode. Thought I was dieing. I have seizures/neurological problems now. Have been through so many tests its unreal. And since it all my blood pressure runs really low. I have pressure build up on my spine and brain. So on meds every day for seizures, BP meds to try and keep it up. And also for the pressure on my brain. If I had known I would never have taken one. That was thw first and last. Was doing good till then. Now my like is upside down. Have to have someone close by at all times. Its just not right.

    • dmiller says:

      We are so sorry to hear of your experience, Denise. Thank you for sharing so others can hear about it. We will keep spreading the message so others can avoid your experience.

  9. Denise Chestnut says:

    I urge any and everybody. Please Do Not Take The Flu Shot. You may be ok but then again you could end up like me.

  10. Denise Chestnut says:

    Please do not get a Flu Shot. Or you could end up like me. And trust me you would like it. I pass out. Ibe had seizures in Doctors Offices, Resturaunt, Wal-Mart, gatherings, home. Not even allowed to drive. It interrupts your whole life. Sincerely Denise

  11. David says:

    The hospitals I work at made flu shots mandatory for all medical staff unless allergic to a component of the shot or have religious reasons not to get it. I have neither, I just don’t believe in it and am not willing to risk the side effects. What can I do? They are quoting all this “scientific “ evidence for it.

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Hi David, If putting a harmful vaccine in your body isn’t against your religious beliefs, we urge you to get a full allergy test that tests both IgE and IgG. We recommend everybody get tested as many people are allergic to eggs and don’t know it. There are a lot of “healthy” foods that are making people sick and one of them is found in vaccines. Here is a link to the test we recommend to our patients. https://www.twwlabs.com/product-p/immuno.htm

  12. P SMITH says:

    Reallly appreciate you putting this article together – I will be showing it to my mum as she’s convinced that she has to have a flu jab. The last time I had a vaccination jab was in the year 2000 [pneumonia and flu] I was ill with a sore throat, cold and cough on a 3-4 weekly basis for 12 months. I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics but after immediately leaving the surgery, the doctor told me that I needed to follow a much better diet and include lots of herbs and spices if I wanted to boost my immune system. She wasn’t able to tell me that in the surgery or she would have been at risk of getting fired. It certainly worked and I now very, very rarely get ill.

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Thank you for sharing! We are glad our info can help! We will keep spreading the word and appreciate your help getting it out there.

  13. Coral schwarz says:

    My boyfriend got the shot 2 weeks ago and he now has the worse flu ever!!!! Worse cough and sickness he has had. The flu shot is poison! A New York senator who was promoting them actully died last week after receiving the shot. There are more deaths than ever linked to this shot. My boyfriend went to the dr and they absolutely deny the shot caused this and sent him home loaded up with expensive meds, 1 of which is a antibiotic that wont cure viral infections from flu or bronchitis. I think they have the best scam going, get you sick from their shot and then load you up with meds for the aftermath. He wont be taking these meds, they are just as bad for you. He was forced into the shot since he washes dishes in a medical building. Very very sad!

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Hi Coral, Thank you for sharing your story and we are sorry to hear about your boyfriend’s experience. It is too common. We will keep spreading information to help others!

  14. Robin says:

    I took the flu shot at the request of my daughters obgyn/pediatrician so I could be around my newborn granddaughter once she was born. The Saturday before her delivery, I took the shot because The drs are telling their parents to not allow anyone around the kids who hadnt had the shots. I’ve always gotten sick but decided to take it so I could be there for the birth of my granddaughter. Needless to say. That was a week ago and I’ve had the flu every since, the night she was born , I came down with a fever, cough and I can’t even hold my granddaughter yet. I’m furious about this push with parents. I’m upset that I felt forced, but I will never take this shot again as I get sick every time!!’ Not worth it. I’ve lost 4 days of work in the process. Still have cough and etc.

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Hi Robin, How disappointing that you can’t hold your granddaughter because of the very thing you took so you could. Thank you for sharing your experience for others who are considering their options. We hope you get to hold that granddaughter very soon!

  15. Jackie Newcombe says:

    I had a shot because I was convinced by so-called medical experts to. I am now on anti biotics and steroids, I have flu and breathing difficulties.I will never have one again, it is a complete con. Beware!

  16. Jackie Newcombe says:

    I have just had a flu jab and next day had high temperature and became ill. I am now on anti biotics and steroids to counter act my symptoms of what I believe is flu!! Although the doctor disagrees. I will never have one again even though I am considered elderly. It is one big con. Beware!

  17. Sara says:

    I did get the flu shot on 2011. I am a Kindergarten teacher and in my mind that will help me not to get sick that often. Couple of months later I started getting an allergy that I had never seen or had before (swollen throat and face, puffy eyes, short of breath )and every time it ended at the emergency room. I did lots of allergy tests but they were all negative (no results) it took me three years to get rid of that situation , now I went back to normal:)
    Thats why I will never take it again

  18. Illyana Martinez says:

    My daughter received the influenza IIV4 (no preservative) immunization on 11/14/18, while at a follow up appointment following double ear infections, and she developed a horrible cold with a hacking cough. Then on 11/30/18 (almost 2 weeks later exactly) she woke up with a 107.1° fever, we use an infrared thermometer so it was probably at least one degree lower than her real temp. I got her up and put a cold rag on her head and got her to drink some water and eat some apple sauce, she was so out of it, then I gave her Motrin and by that time her temp was going down to 102.1°, 101°. We visited urgent care and by then her temp was going back up to 104.9° again; they ran flu test, strep, a urine, they even sent her tests to the lab for culture which never grew anything but she did have white blood cells in her urine (which is a sign of her body fighting an infection) However she still hasn’t recovered fully and her temp hovered around 99.4° but fluctuates wildly from 98.6°-100.4°. Still a cough but it’s getting better now at 12/11/18 but I truly feel all of her suffering could’ve been avoided if her pediatrician had not gone behind my back and given her the shot when her grandparents took her in for a follow up. At the original appointment she asked me if she could administer the flu vaccine and I told her no, so I guess he waited to ask her grandparents who have medical consent forms signed in case anything happens to me because I’m a single mother and my mom unknowingly said yes, because my daughter is in daycare and the pediatrician recommended it. There’s also a spike in AFM cases and all mostly young children under the age of 18, I wish they would look into daycares and the breeding cesspools they are. There are no regulatory cleaning procedures and I think that’s a load of bull since so many children come in and out. Anyways that was just my story that I saw correlated with others. I hope you guys all the best and I will never allow my daughter or I to get the flu shot again. If anyone has any links for natural flu remedies or cold season prevention please drop below.

  19. ChristoZilla says:

    6: Why suffer the pain of a shot when u can get out of school? 🙂

  20. Leslie says:

    This is absolute evil and the gullibility of the general public is astonishing. Not to mention most of my friends who went to medical school. They are brainwashed. Sorry that sounds so absolute. There are folks who think for themselves, but you can’t make money off of them, and they aren’t in the majority. My healthcare providers suggested I get the shot because I am immunocompromised with a history of asthma and I told them I don’t put poison in my body. I didn’t mince words. I have had the flu on average once every ten years. Nasal rinsing, garlic and oregano oil, fasting and tons of water, immediate bed rest and lots of heat kills it in 24 hours anyway. I use masks and hand sanitizer a lot. Immunocompromised and sick far less than anyone else I know…must be doing something right.

  21. Kathleen Veronesi says:

    Thank you for this timely article. Four days ago I got the flu shot and didn’t think twice about it afterward. Six hours later I was driving and suddenly my body and bones started aching so badly I could hardly drive home. Thank God I got home safely. I went to bed and woke up with my heart pounding so hard I was afraid to go to the bathroom as I could hardly breathe. I must have drank 3 quarts of water from an unquenchable thirst. Next day 102.7 fever. Third day 103.7 fever and had a severe nose bleed. Today my fever has gone down, but I am weak.

    Has anyone ever experienced such a strong reaction? Not so sure I want to take another flu shot again! I’m a 68 year old woman and though I have two subclass immunodeficiency, I’m wondering if it’s not such a good idea to put myself under such a scary reaction, ever again.

    Any information or advice would be immensely appreciated. I noticed there’s very little on the internet about this subject.

    Thank you,

    Kathleen V.

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Hello Kathleen, Your experience sounds both frightening and difficult. We recommend that everyone avoid getting the flu shot. It is possible for people to have many different negative reactions to a flu shot or any vaccine. We recommend taking measures to strengthen and support immune system function both now, and in the future, as an alternative. We will continue to try to get more information out there.

  22. Patti A. Holden says:

    I’ve never had a flu shot and haven’t had flu in probably 50 years (I’m 74) and I never get a cold either. My doctor always offers it but I always say no and she just smiles. My daughter and grandsons don’t get the shot either and these little boys have had just the bare minimum of required vaccines of all types, all spaced out as far as possible and no Hep A vaccine at birth. They are both bright and healthy. There are so many children in schools now with all kinds of weird behavioral problems, ADD, ADHD, and on and on. I firmly believe their brains are compromised by vaccines. Such a sad thing. When I was in grammar school, everyone was healthy and there were extremely few behavioral issues. Yet doctors keep pushing vaccines–a huge moneymaker for them.

  23. Geoff Paterson says:

    Hi having had the flu jab since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I become very unwell about 2 weeks after which I always get over but this yr it gave me bells palsy right side of face dropped eye won’t close yet face all twisted and numb struggle to eat properly struggle with speech and dribble my food unable to eat more than soup or yogurt it’s a nightmare only had for 20 days at moment I’m not a happy bunny been on steroids (90) drops to eye’s 4 times daily eye gel for bad and eye patch for bed have been told could be 3 weeks to 6 month to sort face if it does go or may have permanent paralysis of some degree for life . PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO REFUSE THE JAB

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