The Wellness Way Clinics work with a number of high tech, advanced labs throughout the country. Our physicians regularly research labs and individual tests to bring his patients the most innovative and powerful testing!



The Wellness Way has highly skilled chiropractors on staff trained in various techniques. No matter the condition, whether it is an old sports or work injury, or just the need for regular maintenance, we have a caring chiropractic physician for you.

Did you know that depending on where the subluxation is in your spine, that it can affect different areas of the body? See our Interactive Spine to see for yourself!

Many people do not realize that chiropractic is much more than just a natural, drugless way to feel better. In fact, chiropractic is based on a scientific approach designed to help the body function as well as possible. By correcting vertebral subluxations, chiropractic care enables the natural recuperative ability of the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic’s vitalistic approach to restoring the body’s innate ability to function makes it an effective choice for many illnesses and conditions. Infants suffering with colic, children with ear infections, teenagers with headaches, and adults with allergies often improve with chiropractic adjustments. These health problems are just a few of the many conditions that may be caused by abnormal nerve function in the body, which respond to chiropractic care.

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Our nutrition programs are customized for each patient based on their test results.

We offer a number of tests that can determine what part of the body is breaking down and not functioning properly. These diagnostics can also reveal what may be causing the breakdown (heavy metal toxicity, biotoxins, etc.). Once we know that, we can offer a very specific nutritional protocol to detoxify and/or rebuild the body. When it begins to function properly, your symptoms will go away.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.  ~Hippocrates


What are the nutrition programs like?

The plan you will be given will be targeted for your condition. Each nutrition program is designed to restore function. Depending on your test results, you may need to avoid certain foods for a period of time. We give you a specific, easy-to-follow plan so that you are not left floundering. You will have recipes that you can make that are both nutritious and delicious.


Do I have to eat lettuce for the rest of my life?

Yes! Okay, we are just kidding! You will be surprised at how good healthy food can taste! When you go through one of our nutrition programs, you will be given a specific nutrition plan that includes many easy to make and tasty recipes. Our staff has “tested” all of the recipes. If it didn’t taste good, we didn’t include it! Of course, everybody’s palate is different, but you will be sure to find recipes you enjoy in the program you are given.



Get Started With Healthy Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight permanently? Are you frustrated and confused by all of the diet and exercise advice out there? Weight loss has many benefits including:

The inability to lose weight can be related to a number of factors including, but not limited to, hormones, heavy metal toxicity, diet, lifestyle, etc. or even a combination of these factors.

Think lifestyle change, not short-term diet. Permanent weight loss is not something that a “quick-fix” diet can achieve. Instead, think about weight loss as a permanent lifestyle change—a commitment to your health for life.

At The Wellness Way, we will review your medical history, recommend tests, and then will guide you on a specific protocol for the best results.



The Philosophy

Almost everyone experiences an injury at some sort in their lives, whether it is from a sports activity, car accident, or possibly a work injury. We have trained chiropractors that can work with you to restore function and motion.

From new injuries like a sprained ankle to old nagging injuries that remain from a football game two years ago, we assess the muscles and joints surrounding the injury and propose a treatment plan to get you back to good health. Treatment plans usually consist of a multifaceted approach.


Rehabilitation Chiropractic

Rehabilitation Chiropractic is a specialty branch of Chiropractic which focuses on injuries and conditions unique to the active patient, as well as promoting principles of physical fitness. Restoring kinetic chain functioning is fundamental to the sports or rehabilitation chiropractor. Manual methods are used, such as spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation and mobilization, and myofascial release and muscle energy techniques.

Exercise programs focus on stabilizing posture by addressing issues such as balance, core, stretching tightened postural muscles and strengthening reciprocally weakened muscles. The concepts can be applied to athletes as well as those with injuries.

Don’t suffer any more. Get your life back on track!